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How do I know what type of travel kennel to get for my pet?

The proper type of kennel for airline flight should be ventilated on all 4 sides.  It should have a metal door, NOT a plastic door and metal screws holding it together, NOT plastic screws or clips. The kennels with the plastic doors and plastic screws or clips are not secure for travel.  Both cats and dogs have been known to escape from these while in the aircraft because they bend or break during flight.

How to determine the correct size kennel you need:

– Measure the length of your pet from the base of its tail to the tip of its nose.

-Measure the height of your pet from the ground all the way up to the tip of its ears or top of the head, whichever is tallest.

-Add an additional 2-3 in. to both measurements when determining the correct size kennel.

-Make sure your pet is able to fully turn around comfortably in the kennel.


Where does my pet fly on the plane?

There is a special place on each plane designed for live animals.  It is pressurized and temperature controlled.  The temperature is within 10 degrees of the temperature in the passenger cabin.


How long will my pet be subjected to the heat or cold while in transit?

Pets are transported in temperature controlled vehicles from the cargo facility to the plane and back.  They are transferred immediately from the van to the plane and from the plane to the van so it is only a matter of minutes that they are actually outside.  Animals are the last ones on the plane and the first ones off at each destination.


What vaccinations do my pet need to fly on an airplane?

This will depend on the destination.  A good rule of thumb is…rabies should always be over 30 days and less than one year when traveling internationally.


Does my dog have to go into quarantine?

This depends also on the country that you are going into and the country that you are coming out of.  Some countries allow you to do an in home type quarantine prior to entering their country but again, this depends largely on where you are coming from and where you are going to.


Can my dog/cat fly alone?

Yes, your dog/cat can be booked as manifest cargo and can fly alone to most locations.


Can I do this move myself?

Yes you can.  Many people do handle their moves on their own to save money, however, there are MANY mistakes made when this is done.  If you are going to another country and you are not VERY clear on the laws of that country, your pet will be the one to suffer.

You can do this yourself but if you’re I’s are not dotted or your t’s are not crossed exactly right, your animal will be the one to suffer.  And it will cost you MUCH, MUCH more than you can possibly imagine.  Do NOT rely on your vet to know what he/she is doing either.  I have personally redone the work of several veterinarians for pets moving internationally after the owner called me in for help, realizing something was wrong.

Remember, it is much less expensive to do things right the first time than to have to redo it a second time after it has been done incorrectly.

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