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Car Travel Tips

Keep in mind these car travel tips for you and your pet. Safety first but also health and fun for your loved ones.

Here are a few car travel tips recommended by World Pet Travel:

  1. Take pets for a series of short trips to prime them for the long haul later.
  2. Feed your pet a light meal three to four hours before leaving.
  3. Don’t feed the pet during the trip.
  4. Make sure your pet is wearing an ID collar or has a microchip.
  5. Don’t allow your dog to hang his head out the window. It can cause inner ear damage and lung infections.
  6. For your dog/cats health, bring water so your pet doesn’t end up with diarrhea from drinking bad water on the trip.
  7. Create a pet traveling kit. The kit should include vaccination and health records, food, a bowl, a leash, a waste scooper, plastic bags, grooming supplies, medication and a pet first aid kit. You also can pack a favorite toy.
  8. Never leave an animal alone in a parked car!!! Heatstroke can develop during hot weather and animals can freeze to death during winter months.