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Poisons for Pets at Christmas Time

Great food and treats abound this time of year. Don't make the mistake of sharing that great food with your pets. What we consider to be treats can be extremely dangerous to your furry family members. 1. Grapes and raisins-Some dogs will eat one or two grapes and...

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Boston to Costa Rica

Cindy has waited all week to be reunited with her 4 babies after having to leave them in the care of World Pet Travel in Boston this week. They were finally reunited tonight in Atenas Costa Rica. This does our heart good and the reason we do what we do!

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Dog Skunked

HAVE YOU BEEN SKUNKED? WHAT TO DO IF THIS HAPPENS TO YOUR PET DO NOT bring your pet into the house to prevent carpeting, curtains and furniture from absorbing skunk odor. Before examining the pet for wounds, put on a pair of rubber gloves because skunks may carry...

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Yulin Dog Rescue

We are working with a small group of individuals in China and the US to rescue dogs that were scheduled to be boiled and eaten during the Yulin Dog Meat Festival in June. If you haven't heard of this tragic event, watch this youtube video to learn more. Yulin Dog Meat...

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Pet Travel Tips

July is almost gone, but there are still some time left for traveling. Whether it’s a one or two-week vacation or a long weekend to grandma’s house, you may be wanting to take your family pet with you. Before you put Fido or Fluffy in the car and take off, it’s best...

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Plan Ahead For Pet Move

Planning Ahead Makes Everything Go Much Smoother! Here’s a look at the details involved with safely shipping a pet by air: Start planning early (at least several weeks in advance) to learn about country import rules, vaccine requirements, airline procedures and...

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Process of a Pet Move

Listening and Learning Step one is all about building a clear picture of your pet’s move. Once you share crucial details such as origin and destination, your desired move date, pet species, breed, and age, we can start to set expectations for you. This will determine...

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Unusual Dog Treats

Cheap treats your dog will love I always thought that rice cakes were about as appealing as Styrofoam discs. Turns out, dogs love them! Halo Liv-a-Little Chicken Treats Halo Liv-a-Little Chicken Treats I buy the plain unsalted (or even lightly salted) rice cakes and...

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Dog On A Plane

Ever wonder where your pet travels when they are flying? Well here it is! Dave flew from Costa Rica to Los Angeles. We were fortunate to be able to take a quick picture and see how calm, this always energetic husky is, when traveling. For More Information Click Here...

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Fly With Dogs Comfortably

Hypothetical situation time… you are a pet owner taking your dog, Fido, on your flight with you. You get into the airport, go through security, check your bags, find your terminal, and you’re ready to board your flight. You sit down, get comfy, you even got a seat...

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