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Fly With Me Book

Fly With Me

Written by Angela Passman

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Fly With Me Book

Fly With Me Book

Are you thinking about relocating abroad and want to take your pet with you?

Are you concerned about red tape and possible complications?

Moving abroad for work, whether it is permanent or for a short term assignment is something that many people do each year. Taking the family pet, however, is something that often throws a new set of challenges into the mix.

This book, Fly with Me: Relocating Abroad with Your Furry Family Member, will help to ensure you do everything you need to when you move with your pet abroad, with top tips and real life stories that deal with all eventualities like:

  • When Mr. Stubborn didn’t listen to good advice
  • How a simple oversight caused Tara a lot of misery
  • Pigs might fly
  • The importance of vet checks and inoculations
  • How to prevent your Houdini from escaping
  • How to avoid mishaps and obstacles
  • What to do when the airline fails you
  • And lots more…

There are many people who miss out on the chance of a new life because they cannot bear the thought of moving without their furry family member, but this can easily be overcome with the proper guidance.

​Packed with plenty of stories about how some pet owners got it wrong, Fly with Me shows how you can avoid these painful and unnecessary complications and start a new life with ALL the family.