I’m celebrating my 10th year with World Pet Travel

How It All Started…..


Don’t you often wonder, why someone started a business? I have often asked myself that same question, especially when it is related to something I find interesting or  never knew existed.

I really never thought of starting my own company or that my love of animals would turn into my crusade. My story started as a result of a pet move that went very bad very quickly two decades ago when moving my own family and personal pets to Costa Rica in Central America.

Because I knew nothing about import rules of Costa Rica or how to get 3 dogs, 3 cats and 2 birds to my new home, my husband and I sought professional assistance from what we were told was a “reputable” company. Turns out they knew nothing more than I did about Costa Rica or how to get 3 dogs, 3 cats and 2 birds to Costa Rica. I later found out that my pets were the first they had moved to Central America, so in a sense, we were their guinea pigs.

After this move was completed, with the help of many new friends in Costa Rica, we went to work to find a less stressful and controlled method of transport for all families with pets that we knew. I knew there had to be a better way for families like mine with pets AND small children in tow to make an international move without all the stress and tears.

That was my inspiration to start my own company and build a network to help others and their beloved pets. It is also now my mission….“To provide the most outstanding pet transportation experience – Helping pet owners find a better way minimizing stress throughout the process.” 

The Pet Travel Experts

The Pet Travel Experts– Worldwide!
World Pet Travel is moving pets around the world with our pet travel experts every day. With travel agents in most countries around the world, there is not many places we don’t reach. Assisted by our caring travel experts pets truly fly first class, pets travel safely. In addition all import and export requirements are met. Therefore, your little ones (or big ones) are handled with tender loving care.

Our agents, working in unison satisfy each requirement prior to departure, so there is a smooth transition for every member of your family. In pet travel it is imperative that your pet move be handled with proficiency and expertise. Our team with 20 years of experience is able to accomplish this with every pet move. Whether your pet is flying around the corner or around the world.

Experts in Over 190 Countries!
Our Pet Travel Experts are located in over 190 countries. To name just a few of the more popular destinations…..United Arab Emirates, France, UK, Spain, Germany, Brazil, Argentina, Canada, Belgium, Austria, South Africa, Singapore, China, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama, Australia, Hong Kong, China, Mexico, Peru, New Zealand, Switzerland, Thailand, Israel, Venezuela, Czech Republic. Understand this is just a short list of the many places we can assist in your pet travel.

Around the corner or around the world, World Pet Travel can relocate your pets to any location you want to go!


The prominent pet transportation company, World Pet Travel, was announced winner of the highly coveted Supplier of the Year Award on April 15th, by MoveCenter of San Mateo, California. MoveCenter is an award-winning global Relocation Management Company that was founded in 1963.

The prestigious Supplier of the Year Award, recognizing World Pet Travel, is given to companies in the top tier of their industry, which have a dedicated coordinator, state of the art facilities/equipment and the highest service levels. MoveCenter uses an evaluation process which assessed key performance such as availability, responsiveness and customer friendliness of the coordinator(s) and willingness to “go the extra mile” to not just satisfy but delight their clients. The three most heavily weighted areas of scoring were (in order): willingness to “go the extra mile” to not just satisfy, but delight clients, responsiveness/ customer friendliness of the coordinator(s), transferee surveys/feedback, and quality of facilities/equipment.

World Pet Travel was founded in 1998. In addition to their headquarters in Dallas Texas as well as operations in Central America in Costa Rica, Belize and Nicaragua. World Pet Travel solves one of the biggest challenges we face in relocation today. What to do with the family pet when relocating. With over two decades of successful global pet relocation, World Pet Travel has mastered the processes to ensure safe travel for every family pet, big or small, both domestic and international.

Members of IPATA (International Pet and Animal Transportation Association) and ERC (Employment Relocation Council) as well as licensing by USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) and certified by IATA (International Air Transportation Association) in LAR (Live Animal Regulations), World Pet Travel shows training and dedication supportive to our industry.


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Discover why World Pet Travel is the most trusted name in worry-free pet relocation since 1998.


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