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Winter Pet Transport: Navigating the Chill with Expert Shipping Tips

While the summer relocation surge poses challenges such as heat embargoes and port closures, it’s understandable why one might assume that the winter months offer an ideal window for planning pet transport. However, the reality is more nuanced than it seems.

Navigating the winter months for pet shipping can be challenging, with the unpredictable onset of blizzards leading to sudden airport closures, compounded by holiday disruptions and limited staff availability. To help you navigate these complexities, we’re here to offer some valuable tips.

Avoid the Holidays

When choosing travel dates for your pet, it’s important to plan around holidays, if possible. During the festive season around Christmas and New Year, numerous country governments often experience shutdowns, resulting in limited staffing. When traveling internationally, this could mean that customs and quarantine offices are closed resulting in delays in obtaining proper documents and unavailability for quarantine facilities.

When planning, you must keep in mind the holidays for both your country of departure and destination to avoid any difficulties for your beloved pet.

Airlines Weather Embargoes

While airlines implement heat embargoes during the summer to safeguard against dangerously high temperatures, the winter presents a different challenge for pet transport.

Some airline ports may have temperature related embargoes in place when they are known to have freezing temperatures during the winter months. Many airlines may also prohibit pet transportation when temperatures drop below 45 degrees at any point in your pets travel without a letter of acclimation from your veterinarian, and even then, in some cases airlines may still refuse pets as the risk to their health is too great.

Flexibility is key when transporting pets in the cool winter months. Given the potential for weather-related closures lasting over a week, having a contingency plan is essential. Arrange for someone capable of caring for your pet if you need to travel ahead, or consult with your pet relocation team to establish a backup plan in case of a canceled flight.

Health Considerations

Some pets, particularly those with certain health conditions such as arthritis, do not tolerate colder temperatures very well. While pets traveling as cargo are transported in a temperature controlled and pressurized compartment, they are inevitably exposed to the weather for short periods of time during boarding and unloading.

We always recommend you consult with your veterinarian to ensure your pet is fit for travel and discuss any specific precautions or accommodations needed to safeguard their health during the colder conditions.


Whether soaring through the summer skies or navigating the winter winds, our pets are cherished companions deserving of our utmost care. In the journey of pet travel, remember: a thoughtful plan, consideration for their well-being, and a touch of extra love can turn any voyage into a tail-wagging adventure with World Pet Travel.


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