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Happy Pet Travel Reunion: The Importance of Having Your Pet Microchipped

This heartwarming story recounts the emotional 17-day separation between Panfilo and his family. During their cross-country trip, Panfilo went missing in Santa Fe, New Mexico, leaving his pet family devastated. Despite the geographical distance, Panfilo’s owners never lost hope in their quest to reunite with him.

Their tireless efforts included diligently monitoring online shelter listings for over two weeks. Their determination eventually paid off when they discovered Panfilo at the Santa Fe Animal Shelter & Humane Society.

Santa Fe Animal Shelter/Facebook

Panfilo’s owner, Roughiatou, wasted no time in making arrangements. As soon as she learned that her beloved pup was safe, she boarded a plane and embarked on a journey to New Mexico, eager to be reunited with Panfilo once more.

“Stories like this make us all smile a little wider and remind us that pets are truly family. We’re so grateful to be here as a resource to families and to our community.”

Santa fe animal shelter’s director of philanthropy, Pamela Weese Powell

Watch their heartwarming reunion video!

Panfilo’s story highlights the critical importance of having your pet microchipped, regardless of your pet travel plans. While it’s not known whether Panfilo had a microchip, this classic example shows the value of this simple but highly effective form of identification.

A microchip can be a lifesaver, helping to reunite lost pets with their families, as it provides a permanent and tamper-proof means of identification. Whether you’re traveling with your pet or not, microchipping is a proactive and responsible step to ensure that, in the unfortunate event of separation, your furry companion can be swiftly and accurately reunited with you.

Photo By: Shutterstock | MediVet

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