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Revealing the Timeframe for Pet Relocation Planning

When you discover that an overseas move is on the horizon, your immediate concern might be, ‘What about my beloved fur babies?’ Initiating the pet relocation process as early as possible is the first step in ensuring your pets reach their new destination safely and comfortably.

The duration required for orchestrating your pet’s travel plans can fluctuate significantly, depending on variables such as the destination country, vaccination requirements, weather conditions, scheduling constraints, and numerous other factors.

In general, it is recommended to start your pet shipping process 2 to 6+ months in advance of your intended departure date and here is why:

Country of Destination

Depending on your country of destination, there may time sensitive vaccinations or testing that must be completed prior to departure. From a waiting period of 21 days after rabies vaccination to 180 after a rabies blood titer test, waiting periods vary from country to country.

Weather Conditions

Many airlines have strict temperature restrictions in place to protect pets from extreme weather conditions. While some airlines have temperature restrictions when it hits a certain temperature, other airlines suspend travel altogether during certain months for travel to specific airports.

Airlines have rules to protect pets by minimizing exposure to unregulated temperatures, but in extreme weather, it’s not worth risking the safety and well-being of our pets. Having advance notice on your departure date will help your pet travel specialist plan accordingly.

Acclimating Pet To Their Kennel

Allowing your pet to acclimate to their kennel before the journey is crucial for reducing stress and anxiety during travel. It helps them become familiar with the confined space, making it a less intimidating environment and ensuring a smoother and more comfortable travel experience. Check out our tips and tricks for acclimating your pet to their travel kennel.

Time Constraints

Moving internationally with a pet can be extremely overwhelming, especially on short notice, as it involves a complex process of researching import requirements, scheduling vet visits, acquiring travel kennels, booking flights, and navigating customs and quarantine procedures. It’s essential to seek professional assistance to alleviate this added stress and ensure a smoother relocation for both you and your pet.

In situations where you need to travel on short notice or haven’t had time to prepare your pet for export or import requirements, World Pet Travel can assist in making the necessary arrangements to reunite you with your beloved pets

Whether your pet relocation is planned for two weeks or six months from now, World Pet Travel is your one-stop solution for all your pet relocation needs, offering comprehensive support throughout the entire process. How can we be of assistance with your pet transportation needs? Let us know today!


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