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Comprehensive Guide for Pet Travel to Brazil: Expert Tips and Requirements

Whether you’re headed back to the stunning landscapes of Brazil or embarking on a new adventure due to a job relocation, World Pet Travel is your trusted partner for addressing the intricacies of pet travel.

IMPORTANT NOTE: These are general entry requirements from the USA into Brazil and are subject to change frequently and may not meet current import requirements. It’s important to contact your pet relocation specialist to find the most up to date information.

Import Requirements

Brazil has specific requirements and regulations for bringing pets into the country, which can vary based on the type of animal, its origin, and its health status. For dogs and cats here are the general import requirements:

Microchip: Microchips are not currently required for entry into Brazil but always recommended when traveling with your pet.

Rabies Vaccination: All dogs and cats over 90 days old must have a valid rabies vaccination and it must be over 21 days and under 1 year old old at the time of import.

Parasite Treatments: Internal and external parasite broad-spectrum treatments must be given within 15 days of export. Only certain treatments are allowed so check with your pet transportation specialist for additional guidance.

Veterinary Health Certificate: Brazil has a specific international health certificate that must be completed by your USDA accredited veterinarian within 10 days of export. The health certificate must then be endorsed by the USDA.

Additional Requirements: Additional documentation may be required.

Our Proven Expertise

Our team of pet shipping experts specializes in seamless relocations to and from Brazil. With extensive experience navigating the intricacies of government regulations, we ensure the safety of your beloved furry family members. At World Pet Travel, we’ve cultivated strong partnerships with trusted IPATA colleagues, reinforcing our commitment to the well-being and happiness of your pets throughout the entire relocation process.

Ready to emBARK on this exciting journey with your furry friend to Brazil? Let’s make it happen! Contact World Pet Travel today for expert guidance, a stress-free experience, and the warmest Brazilian welcome for your beloved pet. Your pet’s adventure begins here!


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