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Pet Shipping Nightmare: Dog Left Behind at Pittsburgh Airport

A true pet shipping nightmare – A French Bulldog was found abandoned in a baby stroller in the short term parking lot of Pittsburgh airport. After authorities reviewed surveillance footage, it was found that the owner was denied boarding because she lacked the proper crate for her pup to fly, according to authorities.

“We were able to determine that the dog’s owner had attempted to fly with the dog this morning and was denied boarding due to having an improper cargo container. In turn, the dog was abandoned and its dog’s owner continued to its resort destination,” said Sgt. Jason Donaldson with the Allegheny County Police Department.

Officers were able to locate a microchip but attempts to speak with the owner were unsuccessful. The Pennsylvania state pet warden got involved and confirmed that this sweet pup is now being held at an animal shelter, Animal Friends, until the investigation is complete.

Allegheny County Police Department has officially charged the woman for animal cruelty, animal neglect, and abandonment charges, which carry prison time and fines.

How To Avoid A Pet Shipping Nightmare

Sadly, the issue with pet abandonment is all too common as there was another story recently about a German Shepard puppy being left at San Francisco airport after it arrived from China without proper documentation.

With proper planning owners can know what to expect with pet shipping and avoid these heartbreaking situations. Before heading to the airport, arranging your own pet travel, or importing pets into the country it is imperative that owners do research and consult a pet transport service.


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