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Moving Pets to Costa Rica? What You Need to Know…

Requirements for DOGS entering Costa Rica:

Rabies MUST be over 30 days less than 3 years.

DHLP (Distemper/Hepatitis/Leptospirosis/Parvo-virus) MUST be current.

Ecto and Endo worming treatment must be given 15 days or less of transport.

Requirements for CATS entering Costa Rica:

Rabies MUST over 30 days less than 3 years.

Ecto and Endo worming treatment must be given within 15 days or less of transport.

FVRCP (Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus, Panleukopenia and Feline Leukemia) must be current.

Some Things Never Change:

International Health Certificate, must be endorsed by the governing agency of your country at the federal level.

If owner and pet are on the same airline, but the pet is checked in at a cargo terminal/office, pet MUST have an import permit.

An import permit must be acquired by a properly licensed broker. An owner cannot apply for this permit directly with the Senasa! World Pet Travel can provide this service/permit with sufficient advance notice. 

Puppies and kittens under 3 months old are not required to have a rabies vaccine or the other vaccines listed above.

For the requirements for moving a bird to Costa Rica, contact one of our pet travel specialists.

Please do NOT attempt to bring a bird into Costa Rica without required blood tests and permits. There is a 30-day quarantine upon arrival into CR for birds only.


  1. Sharlene

    I’m wanting to find out if this is even an option before I go any farther in my research.
    I have two pet cockatoo. Can I move to Costa Rica with them?

    • World Pet Travel


      Sorry for the delay in my response. Costa Rica does not allow the imports of birds for the last few years.

  2. Melanie abal

    Inquiring about moving 6 scarlet macaws to Costa Rica from Florida to possibly join the macaw recovery network

    • World Pet Travel


      We are looking into this as it is a special request. Normally CR does not allow birds of any kind to enter the country. Maybe they will make an exception to release the birds into the wild. We will email you when we know more.

  3. World Pet Travel

    No he does not need quarantine upon arrival in Costa Rica if all documents are prepared properly.

  4. Mattison Gulatto

    I am wondering if I can bring my green checked conure and my rabbit to costa rica?

    • World Pet Travel


      Costa Rica does not allow the import of birds since 2017 so sorry this will not be possible.

      • Writer

        I am a U.S. Citizen and self-employed writer. I am working on a manuscript and wanted to travel to Costa Rica with my African Grey to finish the work. I am not looking to move there only to visit. My parrot just received a permit here in the U.S. to travel.

        • World Pet Travel

          Costa Rica has not allowed the import of birds since 2017 unfortunately.


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