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“Hello all you wonderful ladies at WPT! I was gratefully reunited with my 3 ‘kids’ yesterday afternoon! Other than a little shell shock, they all arrived in great shape. Met your broker (Juan, of course) who took me to a secure warehouse where they were brought out and loaded into our SUV. They’re all now at our AirBNB where they are recovering nicely and they’ve decided that even though I put them thru all this that they’ll still talk to me!

Diane, you have been a godsend to me, with the patience of a saint as I stressed and worried and fretted about these guys. Through the whole process, beginning to end, you and your ladies took me by the hand, guided me, prodded me and were my therapists as we went thru all the steps to getting them here. I cannot convey in words how grateful I am that they are here because of your efforts! Your are the queens of pet travel and I will extol your service and virtues to everyone who will listen!

Take care!”

– Curless Family