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“Being an expat family has a very unique set of challenges – new cultures, new friends, new schools, to name a few – but one of the most stressful challenges happens when you have a pet. All of the documentation, all of the vaccinations, tests, and red tape we have to navigate for our pet is more than we have to go through ourselves; especially when you’re moving from India (one of the more lax locations) to Australia (the most strict location). Factor in being VERY pregnant and I knew I couldn’t do it alone.

Our experience with the service from India to the US (for Jake’s first leg of the journey) was, quite frankly, a nightmare. Jake had a massive ear infection that was not detected before boarding the flight in Mumbai, so ended up staying in London for an extra week for treatment before finally making his way to Texas. The company we hired out of Mumbai was unprofessional and uncommunicative about where our dog was, how he was doing and when he would be released to travel.

THANK GOODNESS for World Pet Travel! Angela, Laura and the rest of the team took it upon themselves to call London for updates, to update me and to proactively communicate with the Indian company to ensure Jake made it to Texas in one piece.

The team then spent the next several months walking us through every step of getting Jake tested and cleared for his trip to Australia. These types of trips are rarely without hiccups, but the World Pet Travel team is well educated and prepared so they can handle almost anything thrown their way.

Jake is now happy, healthy and home with his two boys and we are so thankful for all the help! I was so impressed with the level of personal interest the team at World Pet Travel took to get Jake home – they truly understand these pets are family.”

-Grant Family