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If you are serious and meticulous when it comes to your animals, if professionalism and absolute competence are a must, don’t waste your time searching any longer. World Pet Travel is the one.

I have two extremely rare and exotic hybrids felines. Less than 30 exist anywhere in the world of their purity, and currently zero are for sale. They took over ten years and 50k dollars to find. I eventually acquired them in Austria and Italy, and a few years later started making arrangements to move back home, to the States.

Moving a family and a house was far easier than arranging transport for my hybrid cats. We called some of the largest pet-moving companies in Europe and Asia, and no one would touch us. Because with less than 30 alive, my pets were actually classified as endangered species by some jurisdictions, even through they are hybrids. And due to a recent law change, our legally-bought pets became illegal to own in Italy. It was an absolute nightmare. After struggling for months trying to find a solution, we found Angela; had it not been for her, I doubt I could’ve ever gotten them stateside. She navigated endless bureaucratic hurdles and absurdities from Italy, America, the Schengen, the EU, USFAW, wildlife committees…it was endless.

I’ve been told since that the process we faced was far more difficult than what a modern day zoo goes through, when importing exotic/endangered species. When Angela arrived she took over the situation completely and at a cost of only a fraction of what I had expected, we were reunited with our pets, a family once again. That was 4 years ago, and as I write this Angela has helped us navigate another move, this time to the Caribbean. She’s the best in her industry, wouldn’t trust anyone else with our animals.