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Toothless Dogs

Toothless dogs are not as helpless as we thought. I’ve been transporting pets for 20 years this month and have had dogs my whole life, I thought I knew it all. Much to my dismay, I found out today that I do not…..Our 8yr old Chihuahua, Mini-Cooper, had his remaining teeth removed on Monday. My first thought was he will never eat kibbles again. Our vet said, “dogs don’t chew their food when they eat so it wouldn’t be a problem for him”. The reluctant and non-believing mother I am, ran to the store to buy FILET MIGNON-(soft food) for my poor baby so he wouldn’t starve to death. Cooper would have no part of the “Filet Mignon” but rather went straight for the little kibbles and dove right in.

Now that I ponder what the veterinarian told me, coupled with thoughts of all that dog vomit I have cleaned up over the years, it turns out, my vet was right. Mini-Cooper and other dogs are fine without their teeth. He is happy and has bounced back to normal in just 4 days. Fighting for the kibbles and keeping Rico away from the Filet he doesn’t even want. Who knew?



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