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Dog Skunked


DO NOT bring your pet into the house to prevent carpeting, curtains and furniture from absorbing skunk odor.
Before examining the pet for wounds, put on a pair of rubber gloves because skunks may carry rabies. A rabid skunk’s saliva can enter cuts and scratches on bare skin and spread rabies to humans. Clean the pet’s wounds immediately with hydrogen peroxide, then contact your vet who may want to examine your pet, treat the wounds, and provide a rabies booster even if the rabies inoculation is current.
Check your pet’s eyes for redness because skunk spray is very irritating. Saline eye solutions may be used for rinsing and flushing the eyes but ALWAYS consult the vet first.
Collect the following ingredients and supplies:
1 quart of fresh 3% hydrogen peroxide (have extra bottles handy)
1/4 cup baking soda
1-2 teaspoons of mild dishwashing detergent like Ivory Snow or Dawn
Mixing spoon
Large bowl or bucket for mixing the above ingredients
(Warning: Do not mix or store this mixture in a closed container because it will explode.)

Rubber gloves
Several towels
Wash cloth or clean rag
Water Source for rinsing the pet thoroughly (like a hose attachment
The odor removing procedure is as follows and can be done outdoors or in a basement sink on a DRY animal:
Put on rubber gloves before handling your pet.
Mix the peroxide and baking soda in the large bowl or bucket, then add the liquid soap and stir thoroughly (it may foam up on the pet’s skunked areas after it is applied).
Soak the washcloth in the mixture and apply to the pet’s head by rubbing it around the muzzle, ears, neck, head, avoiding the eyes.
Saturate the remainder of the pet’s body and coat with the mixture working the foaming mixture well into the coat and leave it on for 10 minutes.
Rinse the pet’s face in a backward motion to prevent the soapy water from getting into the pet’s eyes.
Lift the pet’s chin to allow water to move down the pet’s body and not into the mouth region where the mixture could be licked.
Rinse the rest of the pet’s body thoroughly with warm water.
If any residual skunk odor remains, repeat the bathing procedure, rinse and dry your pet.
Note: hydrogen peroxide might bleach dark coated dogs.
Hopefully your pet will never experience a skunking episode, but be prepared by keeping the ingredients, equipment, and instructions on hand and also closely monitoring your pet’s nighttime walks if skunks inhabit your area. You might want to cut out this article and tape it on your refrigerator!