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Process of a Pet Move

Listening and Learning

Step one is all about building a clear picture of your pet’s move. Once you share crucial details such as origin and destination, your desired move date, pet species, breed, and age, we can start to set expectations for you. This will determine how (or even if) we can move your pet.

Building Your Plan

Once we know all the key details, we can explore the best routing options, determine kennel size, and consider any possible challenges we’ll need to overcome. We will also have a better idea of costs at this point, and can offer you a price estimate based on the most up-to-date information.

Booking Services

Once you give us the word that you’re ready to move forward, we jump into action and immediately begin booking flights, drivers, and veterinary or USDA appointments for you if needed. Each decision is made with your pet’s safety in mind, and we only work with trusted airlines and agents.

Documents and Details

You may be surprised at the amount of paperwork involved with moving a pet! This is where our experience and attention to detail make all the difference. From health certificates to import permits, customs documents to air waybills, we will work with you, your vet, and the necessary authorities to finalize all documentation needed to successfully transport your pet.

Move Day Management

On moving day, we monitor your pet’s journey to ensure everything runs smoothly. We will provide you with tracking tools and updates from door to door, and should anything unexpected occur, such as weather delay, our team will be there to build a contingency plan and make sure your pet stays safe and comfortable while new logistics are sorted out.

Post Move Support

After your reunion, we are still here if you need us. We will save copies of your pet’s records in case you need to move again. And in some countries, we also offer post-move services such as arranging boarding or obtaining a dog license. With the goal of constantly improving, we will also offer you the chance to share your honest feedback after your move.