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Fly With Dogs Comfortably

Jack RussellHypothetical situation time… you are a pet owner taking your dog, Fido, on your flight with you. You get into the airport, go through security, check your bags, find your terminal, and you’re ready to board your flight. You sit down, get comfy, you even got a seat right next to an outlet (oh the luck!). About this time a pit develops in your stomach. No, it couldn’t be…. You forgot to take your dog, Fido, to the bathroom before you entered the airport. And then Fido starts sniffing.

Hopefully this incident never happens to you. If it does, you’re in luck. Midway Airport in Chicago has followed the lead of their sister airport, O’Hare International Airport, and has implemented pet bathrooms. These bathrooms were created for owners flying with their pets. No more, taking your pet out of the airport to a grassy spot and then battling security for a second time at this airport. Due to a federal mandate, all US airports should begin to provide pet bathrooms on the secured side of the airport. You’ll still have to pick up what Fido leaves behind, but hey, it still beats leaving the airport or having an embarrassing accident at the gate.