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New Pet Travel App

Sick Pug Following the lead of human health-care, we may start to see the Veterinarian world becoming more in tune with technology. Telemedicine could be the future for Veterinary care, and it all starts with one step.
Say hello to that one step: VetX.
VetX was founded by Tan Kabra and John Dillon with pet owners in mind. This revolutionary app/webpage provides 24/7 access to local Veterinarians through chat and video chat. Made for the middle of the night when your Labrador puppy swallows your kids sock, for the first time pet owner that just isn’t sure which food is the best for their new furry family member, or for that holiday when every vet office within 50 miles is closed. VetX is the bridge for the average pet owner to get in contact with a vet, not tomorrow, not next week, but right then and there.
Say goodbye to waiting in line at the vet’s office and say hello to PJs and staying at home.
Contributed by
Audra Griseta (audra@worldpettravel.com)

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