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Hi Angela:

I was hoping to call you today but, once again, we seem to be having trouble with our phones set-up so, for now, it’ll have to be an e-mail.

The first thing I want to say is that we are very grateful for your assistance in moving Ben, our black lab, from Auckland, New Zealand to our new home in Grecia, Costa Rica. You couldn’t have been more professional or helpful and we were given a lot of confidence throughout the operation that all was well planned and would be very well executed – as it was. Ben arrived at the appointed time on the appointed day in excellent health and in great spirits so thank you very much. I would find it very hard to believe that any other pet transport company could match or surpass yours for efficiency, professionalism and downright friendliness. We’ll be very happy to recommend you and your Company to anyone who needs the same services.

Please, also ensure to call Monique in Auckland and give her our appreciation for her part. She, too was excellent at her her job of receiving Ben, overseeing the veterinary requirements and setting him on his first flight out of New Zealand. Finally, in the ‘thanks department’, Kyle, in Houston, deserves a very special mention for looking after Ben during that weekend. Most probably he went way beyond the call of duty on this one and we are very appreciative.

Again, it’s been a great pleasure doing business with you and feel free to use any part of this letter in your Company literature, if you feel it may help.

Best regards from us both.

Peter & Lyn