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Safe Pet Carrier

unsafe cat crateFinding a safe pet carrier for your pet is not always as easy as the tag may indicate. This pet carrier is being sold everywhere and is labeled “airline approved”. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

At present, IATA (International Air Transportation Association) is in suit with many pet carrier manufactures for adding the phrase “airline approved carrier” to those kennels that are being rejected by the airlines. These travel kennels are NOT safe for pets traveling by air!!!

This particular pet carrier is held together by plastic clips/bolts. It also has holes in the bottom part of the kennel. There is not an airline in the world that would accept this kennel for travel although it was labeled “airline approved”.

The reason these kennels are not accepted is that multiple pets over the years have nearly escaped from these flimsy pet carriers while in transit. They do not withstand the stress brought on with the necessary handling when transporting.  Travel kennels with sliders or clips to connect run the risk of breaking apart while in transit and that is VERY unsafe for your critters.

Check with your pet travel specialist for the proper travel kennel. Do NOT rely on someone at a pet store, who has never transported a pet, to give you this valuable information. It could be hazardous to your pets health and life!