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Moving with a pet

photo 2It is the time of year when many are thinking of pet travel. Taking the furry ones for vacation is strongly discouraged by the airlines during the summer months because of high travel with passengers.

IF you do decide to move a pet alone, it is imperative that you arrive at the airport with everything arranged in advance.

LOTS of people arrive at the airport unprepared or with the kennel much too small for their pet and this will cause unnecessary stress and problems.

While most travel kennels found in pet stores state that they are “airline approved” this is not always the case due to airlines constant changing rules.photo 1

Some of the issues you can prevent with pet travel is talking to someone that KNOWS the rules of pet travel and safe airline transportation.

You can no longer rely on the information you find on the internet. Everyone has an opinion or and many post it on the web these days. This is very confusing to many of our pet owners and the reason they contact World Pet Travel.

If you are traveling to another country, beware of the results that will unfold if your documents and permits are not completed correctly.

DO NOT rely on ANY airline to give the “pet travel requirements” as the reservation agents have never touched a pet and are going on a written script, not really understanding what it is they are telling you.  Might say “you need a broker” but they don’t understand all or as far as that goes, anything that pet broker does.

As the expression goes “may the buyer beware”. In the field of pet travel it is much more like “may the pet owner beware”. 🙁