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Pets in planes

Dave in planeOur clients often ask how their pets will be transported in the plane.  Does my pet travel with baggage or suitcases? Does my pet fly in the dark? Will my dog fly in the cold or hot? Where exactly does my dog fly or my cat fly?

Well…..here it is! This is Dave.  Dave just left Costa Rica on a flight for the United States recently.  As you can see for yourself, Dave is NOT with the suitcases, Dave will not be flying in the dark.  There is venting on the top of the aircraft to control the temperature and this section of the plane IS pressurized.

On this particular day, Dave was the only pet flying from Costa Rica to the US into LAX and as always, we were there to put Dave on the plane. Our pets are in our care up until the time they are loaded which is very unusual for pet transportation companies.  In Costa Rica, World Pet Travel is very well respected with the government and Ministry of Agriculture.  For this reason, we are permitted, as no other broker in Costa Rica is, to clear customs after hours, to tender pets for early morning flights before their departure, and to be there when our pets are loaded on the plane to oversee their care up until the last minute.Dave relaxing

We can assure out clients beyond a shadow of a doubt that their babies are taken care of from the time we receive them until they are put on the plane.

In this instance, we had Dave for a couple of days before he left.  Here is Dave resting at Andrea’s house before his trip home 😀

You can see from this picture and the one of his resting above that he is a VERY stressed out dog while in our care.


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