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Flying With Pets

Faruk and Chihuahua Although it may seem like a good idea in a way to save fuel costs during a trip, this is NOT World Pet Travel’s recommended method of pet shipping.

On a more serious note, whether you are flying a dog or flying a cat, you must have a reliable transportation and a safe airlines for pet shipping.  You may say “shipping my pet is easy” or “I can make the arrangements to fly my dog myself” and while this may be true in certain circumstances, it is not always the case.

Transporting animals and flying pets may seem easy when your pet move is from state to state or just across town.  It gets a little more complicated if you want to find a “pet friendly airline” or “the safest airline for pets”.  You could ask the reservations agent if they are the best :), but of course each airline will say the same thing, “we are the best airline for transporting pets” when this may be far from true.

Another concern should be finding the right travel kennel for your pet.  Unfortunately this too is not as easy as it may seem at first glance.  You can go to your local pet store or online pet crate provider, but the information, even on the pet kennel is often misleading.  Most pet travel kennels are tagged as “IATA approved”.  If you walk into Pet Smart or Petco, 95% of the pet crates on the shelf has this label and only a couple of brands are in fact safe for airline travel.  Legislation is in the courts at this time to have this false advertising stopped.plastic clip crate

One other thing to remember is that pet travel kennels are NEVER to be held together with plastic clips as this pet crate is. These pet kennels may sell for a higher price, but they are NOT intended for airline travel and are very unsafe unsafe cat cratefor transporting your pet by airlines.  These pet kennels are likely to pop open during a bumpy ride or during turbulence while in the air, leaving your pet injured or loose in the plane.

Even worse than the expensive travel kennel with the clips is going the cheaper route with a flimsy pet carrier.  This is wrong in too many ways to list.  Simply put, these fall apart, crack and bend with weight.

Having a pet transportation specialist is not only a convenience, they are the ones that make sure the above problems will not be the case for your pets. World Pet Travel is the best choice, in the way of knowledge, as to what is best for your pet in transit.