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Pet Shipping

Boxer bedWhen pet shipping plans begin, many pet owners ask if it would be okay to put their pets bed into the kennel with their dog.  This is a valid question.  For many dogs, this is not a problem, BUT for those like Roxy, it might be.

When it comes time for your pet travel, think first about your dogs natural propensities when he or she is left alone.  Does Roxy chew things up when she is at home by herself?  If so, putting a bed in her kennel might not be the smartest choice even though it might make her ride more comfortable.  A better choice would be a blanket that she is accustomed to that does not have polyester filling.

Roxy will be travel safe with a big blanket and some moisture-absorbing pads.

Always remember, and this is the most important, NEVER SEDATE ROXY WHEN IT COMES TIME TO FLY!!! Preconditioning is the best thing you can do for your baby. Give her time to become accustomed to her kennel before travel.

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