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Traveling with a pet

dogbeachTraveling with pets is just like traveling with children, in that it requires a little work and preparation but the end result is a rewarding vacation. Bringing your dog along can really complete a trip because after all, your pet is apart of the family. Whether traveling by land or air, being prepared for the unexpected can make those speed bumps much smoother to get over.

Check Up

Regardless of how you’re getting to your final destination, a check-up with your veterinarian is always a good idea. You want to make sure your dog is healthy and up to date on vaccines. This is also the perfect opportunity to get any necessary preventatives, such as flea and tick if you’re going to be outdoors – camping or at the beach.

Traveling by Air

If you’re flying with a pet, speak with a pet travel specialist, especially if traveling abroad.  Many countries have specific import requirements that even your veterinarian may not be aware of.  Also, vaccination requirements vary from country to country so you must allow enough time for these vaccinations to be completed before your pet travel is to take place.  Your pet transportation specialist can assist you with these arrangements and pet shipping necessities.

ID, Please?

Microchips are the best form of identification for an animal and is required when one is traveling outside of the United States.  However, it has to be read by a special scanner usually found in a veterinarians office.  This is not always the most available option when your dog is lost in the park. In the event your dog gets lost or strays from the pack, identification is crucial. Make sure your dog has ID tags on his/her collar with current phone numbers; not the home phone if there is no one there to answer while you are away.

Do Your Research

Don’t assume that where you’re going accepts pets just because it’s outdoors. In fact, some campgrounds and beaches don’t allow pets. Confirm that the beach, park, or campground you are visiting allows pets and ask if they require any particular vaccinations or have size/weight cutoffs. Especially if you’re spending the night at a hotel, make sure they accept pets, have any limitations and expect to pay an additional fee.

Pet Travel Can Be Care Free With A Little Planning.