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Pet Seat Belts Save Lives

It’s May, summer’s coming, and many people kick off summer vacation season with a Memorial Day road trip. If you’re planning to bring Fido along, remember to consider his safety. With pets, as with humans, seat belts save lives!


According to pet travel safety research organization Bark Buckle UP, 98% of pets traveling in cars are not secured properly. This is a problem because unrestrained pets are a leading cause of driver distraction; they can cause accidents.

Unrestrained pets can also become accident victims. With a car moving at just 35 miles per hour, a 60-pound pet becomes a 3,000-pound projectile.

Loose pets can also be trouble after an accident. A scared dog might flee through an open car door or window, emerge onto the roadway, and cause a second accident. A frightened pet might bite rescue workers, or otherwise delay them from accessing human accident victims.

The solution to these problems is to buckle your pets up when they’re in the car. Buy a pet safety harness.

Source: Cindi Brown
Animal Blogger