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Runaway Cow Stops in at McDonald’s

Darcy+the+cow+at+a+McDonalds+drive-thruWhile McDonald’s doesn’t seem like the first place a cow on the loose might go, that wasn’t the case for the runaway cow named Darcy.

Darcy is a good cow and normally doesn’t get in to trouble. But her owners say when she’s bored, she’ll do anything to get attention — including busting out of her pen.that wasn’t the case for Darcy, the runaway cow.

When Darcy escaped from her pen in he town of Brush in northeastern Colorado, she hoofed it half a mile where she finally wound up at a McDonald’s drive thru window.

The family joked that Darcy was probably visiting relatives.

Eventually, Darcy’s family was able to round her up and bring her back home.