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Allergy Season Has Arrived

031658100088cThe dreaded allergy season is finally here for not only you but your pets as well. While our pets might not show the same symptoms as we do, they are still affected and suffer from allergies.

Excessive scratching and chewing at the paws can be signs of seasonal allergies. Your vets can help find the underlying cause for the allergies but luckily there are several sprays and shampoos that can help with the irritation.

If your pet suffers from hot spots, those painful patches of irritated skin, try Vet’s Best Hot Spot Itch Relief Spray, an alcohol-free and steroid-free spritz that can help control your pet’s excessive need to scratch. You can also dilute the spray with water and use it as a leave-in rub after bath time.

The only itch more annoying than a hot spot may be all-over irritated skin. The sweet-smelling PawGanics Soothing Foaming Pet Shampoo uses natural, plant-based ingredients to clean and comfort your pet’s itchy fur.


Sometimes the best defense is a good offense. To keep your pet’s home pest-free and comfy, try Dr. Harvey’s Herbal Protection Spray, a mild, all-natural preventive spray that keeps away fleas and ticks from your pet’s bedding and fur. The spray uses natural ingredients like citronella oil, and natural astringents like witch hazel to help soothe your pet’s skin.

If your pet’s allergies are caused by flea bites, give yourself another powerful weapon in the war against pests with the Fly Free Zone Natural Fly Repellant Dog Collar. The sporty, comfortable collar uses citronella as its primary component — a plus if your pet also has allergies to flea and tick collars that use chemical ingredients.