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Is Your Pet Ready for Travel?

Whenever getting in the car and plan on driving somewhere with your four-legged friend, there are some important safety rules that people need to keep in mind.

For most of us it has become habit to put our seat belts on when in the car, but that rule seems to slip people’s minds when it comes to their four-legged loved ones.

In a sudden stop or accident, a dog can become a flying projectile and can seriously injure you if not buckled up securely. A 60-pound dog/Golden Retriever becomes a projectile of 2,700 pounds at just 35 mph.

Statistics show that thousands of pets are injured in car accidents every year, just as humans, they need to be buckled up!

Our family recently lost one of our own, Julie, in a car accident.  She was sitting in the back seat and when we slid on some ice and hit a tree head on, she came flying to the front of the car and hit the gear shift. We thought everything was fine but later that night we started noticing that she was not her jittery self. We rushed her to the emergency clinic where they explained that she had gone into shock. They did all they could to help her but her body was just unable to recover from the shock and she passed late that night.

It’s safe to say that we will never look over buckling up all of our loved ones and neither should you.

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