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Resort Living for Pets

We all know it can be hard to find a kennel that fits your wants and needs for your pet while you’re away.  Now there are comfortable facilities near airports that make it easier than ever.  More than a dozen airports in the United States have pet-stay facilities nearby, and more are planned.

These facilities are equipped with swimming pools, flat-screen tv’s, spacious rooms, spa treatments, the whole shebang.

Like any other parent wanting to check in on their kids, travelers will be able to do so with the popular webcam.

“When parents are away, they can check in on their babies,” said Saq Nadeem, who founded Paradise4Paws, which has locations at Chicago’s O’Hare and Midway airports.

They also offer customers the option of 24/7 drop-off and pickup, along with discounted or free airport parking.

The price is around $34 to $37 a night, depending on the location — plus extras like special treats, flat-screen televisions, DVDs and pet massages.

“Travelers don’t want to add to their stress by dropping off their pet a day early or waiting a day later,” said Mr. Nadeem (owner of a pet-stay facility, Paradise4Paws). His facility has pet suites, flat-screen TVs, large open spaces, a dog bone-shaped pool and real-time webcams.  And cats stay in bungalows with window perches, aquariums to watch fish and access to special climbing trees.

Take a tour of the facility nearest you and see what you think, you won’t be disappointed!