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It may sound a bit strange to think of your pets watching TV, but research shows that with the right programming DogTV can help relax your pets while you’re out of the house.

Dog TV launched in San Diego this week and is so far the only place that is airing the station.

The station includes over 800 programs, each only lasting three to five minutes, which is about how long the dogs attention span lasts. It is constantly showing new content to keep the dog engaged. It  includes situations that are seemingly relaxing for the dog; car rides, runs around the park, dogs sleeping, etc.

For now the station is free to all cable subscribers but will eventually rise to a $5 monthly fee as its rating go up.

Cesar Millan say’s that when a dog is separated from their owner it is one of the most stressful things for them to go through. He went on to say this to Today.com, “Don’t make a big production of leaving because it will raise their excitement level. Make sure they have their favorite toys – particularly ones that engage them. And if your dog is calm, let him kick back and watch all the TV he likes.”

It’s unclear whether or not our pets watching TV while we’re gone will help, but it can’t help to try it out.