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Cooper with his Snuggle Puppy

Just home from the Snuggle Puppy Hospital, the Stork has delivered our new little Snuggle Puppy for Cooper and you can see that Cooper has taken to him right off.

From the warmth of the puppy to the beating heart, Cooper latched right onto this little Peluche as soon as we unwrapped it from the box it arrived in.

Snuggle Puppies and Snuggle Kitties are as amazing as I thought they would be and Cooper is no doubt in full agreement with me.

Cooper is never left alone long enough to have time to be lonely, scared or stressed, but has chosen to take this little puppy as his friend, and that speaks volumes for this product!

If Cooper likes this Snuggle Puppy your little one will surely like one too!

Cooper gives it 5 STARS!!!!