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Honduras to Cebu Philippines

Kiwi, Paco and Mickey are in the process of getting all of their documents in order for their long journey from Roatan, Honduras to Cebu, Philippines.  It is not an easy route for these three big kitties.  There are no flights out of Roatan as the planes that fly out of there do not take pets internationally, only to TGU which is where we have to begin this trip.  Pam is going to fly them from SAP to TGU on an early morning flight…but wait….this is after we flew travel crates down to them as there are not any travel crates available in Roatan for sale.  Luckily Pam has a friend that was nice enough to bring the crates down as excess baggage after we had them drop shipped to her in Louisiana.

After Pam receives the kennels she will get the health certificates for her kitties, then send them to WPT for us to acquire the import permits from Malaysia.  Once we have the import permits from Malaysia the kitties can fly.

They will fly from SAP to TGU early in the morning.  They will then fly from TGU (still in Honduras) to IAH (Houston, Texas) where they will spend the night after they clear customs.  On the following day they will be checked into another airline for a flight to MNL(Manilla) by way of AMS(Amsterdam).  They will stop over in Amsterdam for approximately 8 hours so that they can get out and stretch a bit between flights.  Here we will also try to get them to eat a bit before their connecting flight.  They will then be put on another flight to MNL.  They will fly through the night and arrive in Manilla at 9:55am.  Once they have cleared customs they will again have a brief period to get out and stretch a bit before being put on yet another flight to Cebu which is their final destination.  This is a short flight of only an hour or so.

Once the kitties arrive in Cebu, Pam will pick them up and all will be joyously reunited once again.

This is a very long trip for animals but with breaking it up like we do it is not difficult for them and they handle the move very well. They don’t really have jet lag because they get a lot of rest time in between flights.  It has been proven that taking shorter flights with breaks in between are far better for animals than trying to do it in 1 or 2 long flights.  The pets tend to get sick more often when pushed into the longer flights.

This should be a very successful trip.