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Future Animal Abusers Registry

We all see the heartbreaking animal abuse commercials and feel the hatred for the inhumane people that are responsible for the torture of the innocent animals.

We wish that there was more that we could do to help those helpless creatures.

Thanks to a movement that started in Suffolk County, New York, it may be possible soon.  The objective of the movement is not only to cut down the amount of animal abuse, but to bring to light and prevent domestic abuse in the areas where you live.

One of the arguments for this movement is the proven fact that those that abuse animals are much more likely to escalate to domestic abuse at a older age.

The plan is to pass this law and have convicted animal abusers register online with a picture of themselves along with the address where they currently reside.

To date, Suffolk County, New York is the only one that has an active online registry, though it is currently a strong movement making progress in several other states.