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Costa Rica to Pristina Kosovo

Mimi and Sasha have finally made it home to mom, Mayra after a very long journey from Cartago, Costa Rica to Pristina, Kosovo. They left on Wednesday from San Jose, Costa Rica after spending the night with Andrea so that she could get them and their kennels ready for the trip.  They then traveled to Houston where they had a short break before moving onto Frankfurt, Germany.  In Frankfurt they were able to get out of their kennels, they were looked over by a veterinarian to be sure that they were handling the trip okay and cleared customs for the European Union.  Mimi and Sasha spent the night in the Frankfurt pet hotel where they rested and relaxed, grabbed a snack and dehydrated which is very important on these long trips around the world.

On Friday morning, Mimi and Sasha hopped on another flight headed to Pristina, Kosova.  They had one stop and changed planes one last time before landing in Pristina at 3:00pm.  Mayra was there to pick them up and she was so happy to see them!!!!  She promises lots of pictures will follow as soon as she finishes with all the welcome hugs and kisses to her babies.