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Oscar-picHi Angela – I’m writing you to confirm that my sister Vicki picked up Oscar last night without incident and while she said he seemed a little disoriented and shy (to be expected!), he was just fine. She said that the cargo pick-up was quick and easy and the plane was just a little bit delayed but nothing major. Our family will be going up there on Saturday so hopefully he’ll realize he’s among family once again!

I’m very happy I decided to use your services as it took a huge weight off of my mind. I don’t think I told you that I was originally checking into using another company that our Foreign Service union had advertised (they were offering a discount), but the prices were so high I was really feeling nervous about it. I decided to shop around a little and you offered the same thing for about 30% less than they were. These services aren’t inexpensive but again, I’m glad I did it this way. Thanks again and I will recommend you to other people who want to go the easier and safer route for their pets.

Cynthia Chassy