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Dear Angela,

We would like to thank you and all your dedicated staff for taking such competent and sincere care of our “puppies”!

When we decided to move from Costa Rica from Louisiana, the most stressful part of the upcoming move was finding a way to get our dogs there too, safely. Having 2 giant breed dogs and 1 extra large dog posed many problems- most commercial airlines simply would not accept dogs of their size, as the custom kennels required would not fit into the cargo hold of the planes. After hours of research into commercial planes, private planes, cargo ships, and cruise ships, I finally was referred to you by someone who said you had an office out of Costa Rica. Imagine my relief when we spoke and you told me not to worry, and that you could fly my babies to San Jose with no problem! I probably asked the same safety questions a million times, but was always patiently reassured.

One road trip to Miami later, our 2 English Mastiffs (Bruno 200+ lbs. and Petra 170+ lbs) along with our sweet mixed breed Akita/St. Bernard (Suki 75 lbs.) were loaded into the crates that you arranged for us, and loaded into the cargo plane. A few hours later, they arrived safe and sound in Costa Rica, and have been living the “Pura Vida” on our property ever since.

Anyone who feels like it is an impossible task flying giant breed dogs out of the country safely can rest assured that it IS, in fact, possible, and that World Pet Travel is the company who can help ease your mind and take care of everything you need.


Thank you!

Kelly and Michael