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As you can see, Luna and Theodore arrived in great shape. 24 hours after Jeni dropped them off, they were back to their normal selves.

I must say that I am very pleased by the way how you and your team handled my babies move, from the moment you gave me a tentative date for their flight to the moment Jeni delivered them, safe and sound.

It was reassuring to know that you were there to answer my questions and once the move started with their pick up the night before the flight, it was obvious that they were in the hands of professionals. To a person as picky as I am, little details like the labeling of the kennels, tell a lot about the people you are dealing with (needless to say their kennels were spotless!).

Above all, I want to say that what impressed me the most and what I am more thankful for, was the level of hydration and overall condition in which my two little ones arrived to Arizona. Anyone who has cats knows that keeping them reasonably hydrated is quite a challenge mostly under stressful conditions (like the plane ride) and my two babies made it in great shape!

Please thank Andrea, Jeni and everybody else involved in their move to Arizona. I really appreciate all they did to keep them as safe and comfortable as possible.

Thanks a lot for helping me bring the babies to their new home.

Patricia Castro