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Costa Rica to Whistler Canada

Kate’s 2 dogs and 2 cats just made the voyage from Tamarindo “Zanadu” to Whistler Canada via Continental Airlines and a couple of vans. It was a long trek but they made it safe and sound.

Magdiel picked up Jasmine and the rest of the crew on Monday morning so that we could get them into the Central Valley and get them prepared for their flight out on Tuesday. Crates needed to be labeled and made ready with cups, bedding and tags for the kennel doors.

Once they made it into Alajuela, Andrea checks paperwork and gets everything ready for them to go as described above, then settles them in for the night. Following morning after potty breaks we take them to the airport for check in to the airlines.

Flying into Houston is a short flight. Houston has about a 3 hour layover where the animals have time to decompress for a little while before boarding their next flight. Once they get to Vancouver they have to clear customs. After clearing customs the babies are put on a transit vehicle and driven to Whistler to meet up with Kate again. The reunion is sweet!