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Costa Rica to Washington

Susie was in Costa Rica for a year only to return to Washington with her mom Vanessa after a year in paradise. Susie is a big beautiful German Shepherd that traveled to Costa Rica in August of 2009. She flew out of Baltimore on the 11th of August and landed in Costa Rica on the 12th after a brief layover in Houston at the pet hotel in George Bush International. Customs clearance was a breeze and Susie was reunited with Vanessa shortly after her arrival because all of her paperwork was in order prior to her departure which is just how we like for it to be. 🙂

Vanessa lived in Turrilba with Susie for a little over a year before returning to the US. The return trip home was this past weekend. Susie left Costa Rica on Friday on a later flight in the afternoon and again spent the night in Houston before connecting with her morning flight onto Washington Regan airport where she was met by Jim and Vanessa.

All went very smoothly with Susie’s travels both coming and going because we were very well prepared and had plenty of time to put the move together. Planning is everything with one of these international moves. The more notice we can get the better off we are all the way around.