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Kennel sizes

This week a client showed up at one of our agents offices on their way to Cuba in a panic unable to understand why the airline would not accept their two cockerspaniels in this kennel. They thought that because it was airline approved it would be accepted by the airlines at tender and was completely confused as to why it was not.

Not only is it a kennel designed for rabbits or guinea pigs it is on a trolley with wheels which is another no no for airline travel. Airlines will not accept kennels with wheels as they may shift while in flight.

Kennels must be designed of hard plastic with sturdy metal grate openings on two sides with the front being a sturdy metal grate door and the back having ventilation holes evenly spaced throughout the area.

There are several approved brands on the market today but check with your pet relocation specialist to be certain that you acquire the proper size before making the purchase as you must have the right amount of room between your pets head and the top of the kennel to be approved by the airline for travel. This varies with each airline and it is different for domestic as for international flights.