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Dear John,

Five years ago I moved from USA to England along with my then 5 year old pussycat Meshed. The arrangements to ship my cat over to the UK were strenuous, complicated and horribly stressful. The UK has a very strict policy about bringing pets in from outside the European Union. Nonetheless, I managed to bring over my cat to the UK, but it was a process that cost me many tears.

Last year Meshed and I returned to the USA, only to decide to come back to the UK 9 months later. To my surprise, the UK pet agency had changed their policies and I was no longer allowed to arrange the shipment of my cat by myself, but I had to do it through a private shipper, which of course, increased the cost greatly.

After inquiring with different companies, I chose World Pet Travel and it has been one of the best decisions of my life! John Passman, one of their agents, was constantly in touch with me, replying promptly to my emails, making sure all the numerous papers were completed correctly and in time… he even talked to my veterinarian when she had doubts about how to complete the papers!

Meshed was picked up from my sister’s house in Florida and then taken the following day to the airport. Because Meshed was overly indulged by my mom, while I was waiting for her in the UK, she arrived to the airport in Florida and was not allowed to travel in her current cage as it was now too small for her fat bum! Luckily, the well prepared staff hired by World Pet Travel had a larger cage handy and Meshed could travel with no further delay. Meshed arrived the following day in a huge cage, with a very professionally laminated tag attached with her name, address and contact numbers in case of emergency.

I couldn’t have asked for a better service! The price was a lot more than I expected, but then again it is the UK’s regulations. World Pet Travel saved me a lot of tears and stress and I am deeply grateful that they helped reunite me with my little ball of happiness (as I call her).

Best regards,
Carolina Green