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Weather and Pet Transportation

There is a definite correlation between the weather and pet transportation. This is something that never occurred to me nor to anyone that I know in this industry prior to becoming involved in pet transportation.

The area where the babies are kept during travel is pressurized and temperature controlled. While they are actually on the plane, they are safely pressurized and kept at the same temperature (within 10 degrees) where the passengers ride in the cabin.

Temperatures, where we there is a real issue in transit is when the pets are being transferred from the plane to the airline transport van, while on the cargo deck. With some airlines, we need concern from the plane all the way to the cargo facility. Reason being, not all airlines have temperature controlled vehicles. If the later is the case, these airlines will not likely accept bookings if the temperatures are over 85 or under 45 degrees from the general public. Many airlines will only accept bookings from IPATA agents and known shippers under certain circumstances

Embargo’s are often put into place when the