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Gould crates

We were living in Costa Rica and had a problem. Having almost an acre of land around our home, we had managed to adopt 4 dogs and 3 cats — plus we still had 2 of the 3 cats we had brought from Toronto, Canada! The problem was that, after 7 years, we decided to move from the mountains north-east of San José to St. John’s, Newfoundland to be near family and were unwilling to abandon our pets.

We thought it would be relatively straightforward to transport the pets to Canada; after all, we had brought 3 cats from Canada to Costa Rica. Needless to say, transporting 9 animals thousands of miles, across 3 time-zones to another country (speaking a different language) is not a job for the faint of heart.

We will always be grateful to World Pet Travel, who handled the entire logistics of the move. They:

  • Visited the house to check the size of the animals (so the appropriate cages could be obtained)
  • Arranged for a vet to visit our house to examine the animals
  • Took the resulting health certificates to the appropriate government ministry in Costa Rica (all governments want to give their official seal of approval and charge you some money!)
  • Delivered the travel cages, which they had obtained, a few days ahead of departure so our pets could get used to them
  • Picked up the animals from our house the day before their flight, got them (plus their cages) weighed at the airport
  • Housed the pets overnight before their flight
  • Prepared their cages, water, bedding, etc., and got them safely on the plane
  • Had someone in Toronto to receive them and shepherd them and their documentation through Agriculture Canada (more “government approval”!)
  • Boarded them for several days in Toronto (giving us time to get from Costa Rica to our new home), including cleaning their cages and getting them ready for the next leg of their great adventure
  • Put them on 3 separate flights to St. John’s (the Canadian airlines that fly into St. John’s have a limit on how many animals are allowed on any one flight)
  • Received them in St. John’s and delivered them to our new home

Oh, did we mention that they reported to us about progress every step of our pets’ journey and then checked after the pets arrived to make sure they were alright and to advise us on feeding and watering after such a journey?

World Pet Travel co-ordinated everything and made all the necessary purchases and payments — they provided a trued “door to door” service — no wonder we are grateful and recommend their services!

John & Susan Goold,

St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada

(Formerly, Rancho Redondo, Costa Rica)