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lilliemaeDear Angela,

This letter is coming to you with our deepest appreciation for all the hard work and attention to detail concerning all eleven of my kids, especially my by baby Pot Belly Pig Lillie Mae Bell.

Our move to Costa Rica was confusing and chaotic as this was my first international move and there were a lot of obstacles.

Simply knowing that I did not have to continuously contact you was a relief, the fact that you called me once a week to see how everything was going prior to moving was a blessing.

You always had the answers to every question that was asked and patients of a saint considering my nerves were stretched very thin as the day to move came closer.

The day my pets traveled I was extremely nervous as this was there first flight and they were to come in contact with people they did not know and who did not know them.

Every person my animals came in contact with was extremely kind, caring and treated them like the precious creatures they are to me and my husband. Lillie Mae Bell especially was a different animal to ship. How may people ship a Pot Bellied Pig? I was thrilled to find out that people went shopping for her favorite snacks to make her more comfortable. I can not even get my favorite snacks when I fly. I am not sure if you know that this act of kindness was done.

I also found it very sweet that she had a personal escort to the airport and a human companion with her until she was safely on the plane.

From your staff in the US to your staff in Costa Rican everyone did an exceptional job at taking care of the kids. The contact during the 6 hour journey from the airport in Costa Rica to my house was exceptional and made me feel very comfortable once I heard all the dogs barking. It was hard to tell who was more excited to let the animals out of their crates.

Again Angela we wish to extend out deepest gratitude to you and your staff for the genuine care and concern for my animals, they were treated as if they were your own. You are one of the best people I have ever had the honor to come into contact with.

Gratefully Yours,

Richie & Wendi Quarantello
Golfito, Costa Rica