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I would like to recommend the services of World Pet Travel to anyone moving out of their home country (in our case, the United States) and taking their pets. Angela Passman provided her services on our recent move to the Netherlands.

Moving to another country is stressful enough, but getting pets into another country (not to mention dealing with the airlines for transporting them) is another stress level altogether. Angela handled the details necessary to assure our pets were not only transported in the most efficient way, but were cared for along the way. We moved in August and there are regulations on traveling temperatures for pets – another detail that can result in the delay of a pet flight. Angela chose an airline that had air-conditioned vans to keep the pets comfortable until loaded onto the plane, avoiding over heating from the tarmac. World Pet Travel handled purchasing the travel crates to be sure they were IATA approved and the right size for each pet (more details!). Each step is essential to the safety and accuracy of your pet’s travel. Our pets traveled on the same flights as us; and the airline captain even came to our seats to let us know they were on board and safe.

World Pet Travel stepped us through all the paperwork, provided details of what vet visits, etc., needed to be done and on what timetable to comply with airline regulations, and the laws of the Netherlands. They handled all the transportation issues including delivery of our beloved pets to our hotel in the Netherlands.

I have no reservations in recommending World Pet Travel to anyone considering taking their pets to another country. You will be putting your pet in good hands with Angela..


Sher Andre
Amsterdam, Netherlands