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Do you own a pet that you just love and adore? Worried about all you’ve heard regarding pet travel?

My twin sister and I recently moved to Costa Rica and were quite frustrated about all the logistics regarding the transport of our darling 16 lb. terrier. She just means ‘the world’ to us and we did not want her uncomfortable, hungry, stranded, or worse yet, lost.

That’s just the trip! We’d also been told there can be as much as a 4-5 hour ‘processing time’ the day your animal arrives, jumping from one building to the next, while trying to complete all necessary ‘steps’ for your pet’s entrance into a new country.

Trying to avoid all this hassle we contacted Angela Passman at World Pet Travel and in no time at all knew we made a wise choice. Angela’s company can arrange any part of or the total transport of your pet. The fee is very reasonable and the peace-of-mind it brings is priceless.

The day our ‘little one’ arrived we were contacted immediately and within a few short hours she arrived at our home healthy and safe. She loves it here in Costa Rica as much as we do and I believe the care that she got from Angela and her staff is a real contributor to that.

Please feel free to contact me directly if you want additional information.

Leslie McPeak
Las Pilas, Alajuela