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Hi Angela,

I will definitely recommend you to our friends and family for any pet transport needs.

As previously discussed, we have a large network of friends who live all over the country — many of whom will be returning to their USA homes over the next few years. All work for Aramco (so the health certificate and documentation is very easy and economical) and most use KLM who takes the worry out of pet transport to/from Saudi and the USA. It’s the transport within the US that creates the stress. I am extremely satisfied with the end result — removal of worry over arrangements and a healthy/happy pet upon delivery to the final destination!

I copied my friend, Deb Simon, who is in Saudi and very active in the PAWS organization there. I also sent you the PAWS website and highly recommend you contact them so they can give your information when asked for reputable companies that provide pet transport.

You can also contact ASC in Houston (the launching pad for new hires to Saudi Aramco) — http://www.aramcoservices.com/. You may pick up some business assisting people to relocate to Saudi.

Again, great job! Secret is acclimating well to her new environment!

Barbara Baugh
Cincinnati, Ohio


Thanks so much for following up with us. The dogs arrived safely and happy to see us. Bailey wasn’t traumatized at all, which was a feat I’m sure. They are doing very well and seemed to have a good traveling experience. Thanks for everything.

Ashley Blevins
Zurich, Switzerland