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Some Helpful Travel Tips

It is a good idea to carry a leash or cat harness with you on a trip so that you may walk your pet before check-in and after arrival, and so that you can secure your pet during security screening. (Do not keep the leash with your pet, either inside or attached to the outside of the kennel is the best place for these items.)589f6cf0ebab23190cb06bf7d2314f66

Do not take your pet out of its kennel inside the airport unless TSA personnel ask you to do so. In keeping with airport regulations and out of courtesy for other passengers, you should let your pet out of the kennel only after you leave the terminal building. Some airports offer special pet relief areas. Check with your airline or the airport information desk when you arrive at the terminal.

You should clearly mark the kennel with your pet’s name.

In addition to showing your name and address as required by APHIS, you must mark the kennel with the telephone number of a person at the destination who can be contacted about your pet.

This is especially important if you are sending your pet unaccompanied through the cargo system, because you will not be at the airport to claim your pet upon arrival.

It may be helpful to contact a pet travel specialist to handle an unaccompanied pet, since these services manage pick-up and delivery. They also assist and advise on quarantine requirements for international travel.

If your pet is traveling in the cargo system, remember that there is a processing period for cargo after arrival, which may vary depending on the airline, the airport, and whether your pet is arriving from a domestic or international location.

If you have questions, be sure to contact your pet transportation specialist at World Pet Travel as the airlines don’t always give out accurate information on pet travel requirements.

Remember: Even under the best conditions, air travel can be stressful on your pet. Be sure to talk to your veterinarian before transporting your pet by air to make sure that your pet is sufficiently healthy to withstand the stresses associated with air travel.

This is only a few of the travel tips that we will give you along the way. For more information complete our Contact page or our Questions page and we will answer all of your pet moving questions.


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